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St John the Baptist Catholic Church Deacon Schedule. The schedule is updated frequently as needed. Bold print in the schedule indicates Sundays when Deacons are scheduled to preach. Colors indicate Holy Days or special scheduled events.

Computer Tests refers to the St John the Baptist Catholic School Computer Class taught by Deacon Darrell. This page contains materials used by the students and teachers in their weekly class schedules.

Test Types used by teachers.

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Computer Class courses focus on the use of technology to create and manage Files such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher. First, second and third grade classes focus on keyboarding using Word and Excel to enter and edit their spelling words. Fourth and Fifth graders Learn and master Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher).

The focus for middle school students is on object oriented programming. Students learn to create a user page containing objects, naming of the objects, creation of events and writting code for the events.

Students from the fourth thru eighth grades also learn Audio editing, Video editing, Animated GIF's, HTML, and DOS.

Lesson Plans
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